Hernan Hernandez has been involved in Real Estate since 1993. Over the past 29 years he has been able to accomplish over 1500 fix & flips, buy & holds, and new construction projects through his career There isn’t much he has not done in the Real Estate World of Investing. Under the personal mentorship of Jeffrey Lipton, co-founder of Anchor Loans the biggest Hard Money Lender in United States as of 2019. Hernan was able to hone his skills under the excellent leadership of Mr. Lipton. Taking advantage of the many opportunities in the real estate cycles that have come and gone. Hernan has weathered the ups and downs of the Real Estate market and has been able to produce millions in profits over the years. He is the Author of Effectively Closing the Sale: A Deep Dive into The Psyches of The Four Types of Real Estate Sellers. As seen and sold on Amazon. The Real Estate Master Class created by The Investment Brothers is a full curriculum that teaches you all things Fix and Flip as well as Wholesaling. The cornerstone of their program is the unique ability to create your own Master Marketing List that gives you a huge edge over your competitors. Hernan believes that there is an opportunity for most people to achieve success with the right mentorship and proper education. The question is, will you be next? Do you have the proper mentor in your corner? Do you know how to create a unique Marketing List from scratch to meet your specific need?

“The greatest wealth transfer in modern history has begun.” As seen in the Wall Street Journal

The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History: What’s Happening And What Are The Implications
As seen on Forbes

The Investment Brothers “Real Estate Master Class” teaches you how to how to find, market and sell to the Baby Boomers Nationwide

Learn How To Wholesale With 
Hernan Hernandez Of 
The Investment Brothers

Today @ XX:XX PM

This Webinar Will Cover

  •  Understanding the value of creating your own unique marketing list               
  • ​How to make money without ever risking your own funds
  • Understanding the difference between Fix &     Flip and Wholesaling, know which one to choose for maximum profit 
  • ​The True Value of EDUCATION!
  • ​Detailed advice for Novice Real Estate Investors
  • Understanding the cycles of the Real Estate Market

*space is limited a reservation is required to attend

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